Our recruitment consulting firm Global Mind Search positions itself as a partner to both candidates and companies.

We offer support in your respective strategies, with an ongoing requirement for efficiency and results.

The following four values are particularly important to us:

  • Relevance
    This value symbolises the merit of choosing a recruitment strategy and of the advice we can offer. We undertake to provide added value, whether in relation to a career choice or a hiring recommendation.
  • Transparency
    Global Mind Search is committed to full transparency vis-à-vis all stakeholders: candidates, clients and external partners. At all stages in the recruitment process, we regularly communicate with all parties involved, ensuring effective follow-up for all stakeholders.
  • Efficiency
    Efficiency is our watchword. We focus all our efforts on one single objective: the satisfaction of our partners, both candidates and clients.
  • Commitment
    An unwavering commitment allows us to offer added value and a high level of quality. Global Mind Search is dedicated to fulfilling its commitments, particularly in terms of confidentiality, results and deadlines. We also demonstrate our commitment through a sense of initiative and the ability to be responsive when making decisions.

“Global Mind Search is committed to complying with anti-discrimination laws and advocating for diversity at the heart of the company.”