Global Mind Search, a head-hunting company, positions itself as a partner to both the candidate and the company.

The goal is to develop proximity, personalised service, quality, and to provide significant added value through tailor-made advice and a high level of responsiveness.

Clients and consumers with varying expectations, over-informed and demanding, extremely competitive environments, new technologies, legislation, sustainable development…. Faced with these new challenges, the retail sector, which is symbolic of a trade society, has no other choice but to permanently innovate, act and mobilise. Products, communication, pricing, supply chain, customer experience, technology, merchandising… Retail professionals must continuously adapt their businesses and their staff to these new requirements.

Beyond the technical aspects, department managers, shop, boutique and corner managers, general managers, regional managers, network leaders, network directors, and audit managers must today be able to develop their strategy and sales offerings, create a relationship with their clients, demonstrate high standards and energy, and put meaning into management.

Today’s retailers are seeking candidates who are multi-talented, disciplined, and responsive, with a natural sales ability. These retailers understand that their success depends on striking the right balance between methods and manpower.

Because we are convinced that hiring the best profiles is more important than ever, Global Mind Search is confident that the direct approach is the best way for us to assist you in your recruitment initiatives.

Global Mind Search, a head-hunting firm, advises large groups and SMEs across all distribution circuits:

  • Food-service circuit
  • Non-household consumption
  • Selective circuits
  • Luxury
  • Food distribution
  • Specialised distribution
  • Large and medium-size shops
  • DIY superstores
  • E-Commerce
  • E-Business
  • Wholesalers

Our multicultural and multilingual teams recruit on behalf of our clients in the distribution sector in France, the border counties and German-speaking countries, in Europe and worldwide.

“The human aspect, through recruiting, selecting and supporting your employees, is thus more important than ever as a criteria for setting your business apart.”