For the benefit of leadership, recruitment consulting firm Global Mind Search can assist senior leaders and managers in reaching their objectives and finding solutions as they consider their career path.

In other words, coaching for key players within the company, helping them develop their leadership skills, be more efficient, improve their performance as a manager and reconcile strategic issues with the development of human capital.

A few examples of coaching missions:

  • Career development, increase in responsibilities, taking up a new position
  • Development of leadership and managerial skills: Lead, motivate, unify, empower, delegate
  • Development of potential
  • Development of individual and group efficiency in a professional setting
  • Management of stress and emotions
  • Time management and control
  • Other customised missions

Thanks to his professional experience in the military, our certified French/German coach Fabrice Jaouën is your preferred partner in developing your individual coaching strategy.

“Individual coaching meets the specific needs of senior managers.”