The primary recruitment methodology used is the direct approach, targeting experienced executives and senior managers, above all.

Global Mind Search, a recruitment consulting firm, believes that there is no one set template for recruitment. Our philosophy is that a pertinent search strategy needs to be defined at an early stage, and that the most appropriate methodology should be used.


This phase of listening to our clients and learning about their needs is critical for the success of the recruitment mission. This is why we take an interest in our client’s business, values, culture and organisation. Time invested at this stage is important and will make it possible to achieve a result that matches our client’s expectations.

Once the position has been analysed and the skills framework drawn up, we will propose a customised solution and will select one of the following three search strategies:

  • The Direct Approach
  • The Mixed Approach
  • Active Sourcing (setting up a talent incubator)

We provide you with a specifications document summarising the methodology, the resources to be implemented, the full job profile, the timeline and the fees for our service. After pre-selection, individual interviews are held for each recruitment mission. Once these interviews are complete, we send you a summary report that includes a decision-making tool.

Throughout the mission, we keep our clients informed with weekly updates. We will also send you a list of references, always with the candidate’s approval.

Depending on the situation, we may supplement this approach with personality tests given by an accredited individual. When the successful candidate joins your staff, we will remain in regular contact with him or her to maintain the connection and make sure that everything is going well. This follow-up continues for a period determined in agreement with the client, usually 6 to 12 months depending on the circumstances.

“Global Mind Search is guided by a dual requirement for quality and responsiveness, as part of a relationship based on partnership, confidentiality and a sense of responsibility.”