Global Mind Search, an executive search firm, specialises in head hunting within the luxury products sector.

Our expertise means we can support companies in their search for senior and talented managers, in France and abroad.

The luxury market is experiencing strong growth which must not be allowed to conceal far-reaching structural changes in the coming years. Companies will have to adapt to these changing environments to continue their growth.

Brand strategies will have to evolve to take into account changes in behaviour regarding the purchase of luxury goods in the rapidly developing markets.

Against this background, senior managers of companies in the luxury sector will have to anticipate these changes by implementing innovative sales and marketing policies adapted to the targeted clientele, by practising selective investment and by improving the performance of organisations and speciality divisions.
To face the challenges of tomorrow, luxury brands will recruit high-potential profiles and develop their skills, placing them in key positions for the medium term in companies in France and abroad.

Global Mind Search is a head hunter specialising in the luxury sector. The firm assists clients and candidates in these economic changes. Global Mind Search is a head-hunting firm specialising in the luxury sector, helping companies in their search for key skills, young talent and rare profiles, and advising candidates in building a career path.

Global Mind Search, a head-hunting firm, is an expert in recruitment using the direct approach, operating in France, Europe and across the global in various sectors within the Luxury market:

  • Clock and watch making
  • Jewellery
  • Leather goods and accessories
  • Tableware
  • Perfume and cosmetics
  • Wines and spirits