Global Mind Search is an expert in recruitment using the direct approach in the healthcare and biotechnology sector.

We operate beyond the local Alsace market, seeking talent in France and Europe, with a special focus on Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Global Mind Search assists clients, ranging from start-ups, SMEs/SMIs to large French and international groups, in the recruitment of engineers, experts, top-level executives and managers in the healthcare and biotechnology fields. We maintain strict confidentiality and discretion for all our missions.

  • A few key points about the healthcare market: the trend towards an increase in recruitment figures started in late 2014 and by early 2015, resulted in a 20% increase in the number of job offers posted on the main employment websites compared to the last quarter of 2014*. The healthcare market in France is buoyant, with momentum that varies according to the sector.
    (* source Apec, Association pour l’emploi des cadres, Association for the Employment of Executives)
  • Regarding trends: biotechs are forging ahead. These rapidly developing start-ups are boosted by regular fundraising, which has a positive impact on recruitment. Forced to adapt their structure to meet this boom, companies in the sector have a short amount of time to find top candidates, such as clinical trial managers or directors of development. Despite a consolidation phenomenon, manufacturers of medical devices maintain their activity with very strong competiveness clusters in areas such as orthopaedics. Recruitment needs are generated by the domains of regulatory affairs and quality, in line with an increase in the requirements of the healthcare authorities. Although momentum within the large pharmaceutical companies is less pronounced, today large companies are tending to relaunch recruitment plans for very specific profiles, in particular for their R&D and marketing departments.
  • Regarding the outlook: the healthcare sector is innovative and competitive. Its strong growth will continue, resulting in a very positive outlook for recruitment.

Specialising in the direct approach, our consultants and search managers focus on seeking top profiles, notably for the recruitment of managers, executives and experts, engineers and management executives in the healthcare and biotechnology sector.

In particular, we work with:

  • Pharmaceutical laboratories, biotechnology companies
  • Manufacturers of medical and hospital equipment, companies specialising in the field of diagnosis.
  • Treatment facilities
  • Players in the OTC market, the dental and veterinary fields, etc.