As a candidate working in europe or one of the border countries, you can benefit from global mind search’s support in the form of promising job opportunities, at the senior executive, expert and management executive levels.

Sharing your international career plan with us as expert recruitment consultants will ensure your future success as a professional.

Recruitment in Europe

  • We will meet for an interview to review, together, the best possible options.
  • After the meeting, a plan of action on a European or international scale will be drawn up.
  • Our French/German and European experience and our network are valuable assets for assisting you in the search for your next career move.

Once you are hired, we will monitor your integration and will stay in touch with you. According to Global Mind Search, this type of monitoring is crucial to our partnership and creates a collaborative state of mind. As a company, you are looking to expand your presence in Europe. Global Mind Search works in partnership with you, supporting you and seeking the talent you need to accomplish your business strategy. More specifically, Global Mind Search develops expertise focused on France and Germany, along with all the German-speaking border countries. This means we regularly carry out searches for clients in Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. We can help with creating subsidiaries or establishing teams in one or more of the countries in question. Our multilingual team is a key factor for success in a recruitment campaign.

“Global Mind Search’s experience in German-speaking countries and in Europe will ensure the success of the recruitment missions you entrust to us.”