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La Charte de la Diversité

The idea of a Charter was launched in January 2004 in a report published by the Institut Montaigne “The forgotten of equal opportunities”. On October 22, 33 pioneering companies signed the Diversity Charter drafted by Claude Bébéar, Yazid Sabeg and Laurence Mehaignerie and pledged to promote equal employment opportunities.

The Diversity Charter is a text of commitment proposed for the signature of any employer who wishes, through a proactive approach, to act in favor of diversity and thus go beyond the legal and legal framework of the fight against discrimination. Large companies, SMEs/VSEs, actors of the SSE, public establishments, local authorities… All economic actors are concerned by diversity in all its components.

Futur Manager Alliance

Future Manager Alliance is the first international group consisting of HR recruitment specialists from all over the world, focused on the recruitment of graduates with up to senior executives.

We are currently active in 3 continents, 18 countries: Italy, Germany, Ukraine, Switzerland, UK, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Iran, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic, France, Mexico, USA

28 cities: Milan, Stuttgart, Duesseldorf, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Campo Grande, São Paulo, Barcelona, Madrid, Kiev, London, Lausanne, Zurich, Genève, Haarlem, Lisboa, Tehran, Amman, Dubai, Riyadh, Ústí nad Labem, Paris, Strasbourg, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Palm Desert, New York

Future Manager Alliance (FMA) can offer to the clients high quality recruitment services, with a global vision, but with a local know-how.

BioValley France

The BioValley France competitiveness cluster federates and supports start-ups, SMEs, large groups, care, research and training organizations in the Grand Est around the theme of health. Its mission is to bring out innovative projects, to stimulate the creation of new products/services and to support the development of companies. BioValley France is also involved in structuring projects in the health sector.

  • The essential in numbers

  • 40 %

    Of staff recruited from abroad

  • 92 %

    Of candidates still in post after 12 months

  • + 1000

    Recruitments in 15 years

  • 70 %

    Of staff recruited in manufacturing