Global Mind Search positions itself as a partner to both the candidate and the company.

The goal is to develop proximity, personalised service, quality, and to provide significant added value through tailor-made advice and a high level of responsiveness.

Global Mind Search assists clients, ranging from start-ups, SMEs/SMIs to large French and international groups, in the recruitment of top management profiles.

Our expertise in head-hunting techniques allows us to approach leading, specialised profiles. Proficient in one or more foreign languages and with access to a variety of sectors and markets, our consultants and search managers select and contact, with the utmost discretion, senior managers and executives who meet the specifications drawn up together in advance. Efficiency and results are always at the heart of our efforts.

The service sector is experiencing rapid growth in France and Europe, with stakes that depend on responsiveness, particularly in the logistics and transport sector. The ability to recruit the best talent is a key link in the business strategy of companies, and is an important factor for success as well as an indication of each company’s credibility. The same is true for the banking, insurance, finance and IT sectors, where the need to recruit experts and top profiles will increase over the coming years. Against this background, Global Mind Search, an executive search firm, is dedicated to implementing winning recruitment strategies on your behalf and to helping you expand your business.

Global Mind Search, a head-hunting firm, is backed by a successful recruitment track record in France, in German-speaking countries and in Europe, serving a large number of clients in the service sector:

  • Transport and logistics
  • Banking, finance and insurance
  • IT
  • Consulting (strategy, organisation, supply chain)

“Today more than ever, planning ahead for recruitment in the service sector will help you better face your future growth.”