Finding top research and company development talent

Global Mind Search has demonstrated its know-how in all areas of R&D, design studies and engineering for innovative SMIs and leading players in industry, to meet the requirements of research centres and design offices in terms of expertise, creativity, accuracy and analysis.

Global Mind Search, a recruitment consulting firm, offers a specific, tailor-made solution for each situation.

For clients in the industrial and service sectors, Global Mind Search recruits engineers, experts, senior executives and senior managers, for Research & Development (R&D) departments:

  • R&D project manager
  • Design office director
  • R&D programme director
  • Design/R&D director
  • R&D engineer
  • Calculations engineer
  • Design engineer
  • Quotes and estimates engineer
  • Laboratory manager

“Because recruiting an executive or senior manager is a major strategic step, our involvement is part of a comprehensive consulting service.”